I believe in the power of beauty and harmony given by well designed visual space around us. In every detail.

Michał Jakubowski
Warsaw, Poland

I'm a graphic designer with architecture background, based in Warsaw, Poland. And you are now visiting my personal portfolio. Thanks! Hope you will like it.

I do what I love, and I do it for a long time. What exactly? You have probably already seen or you will in a moment – I present here a cross-section of different areas of my creative activity. It is quite a lot of this, but – world is so beautiful and interesting that you are never short of new ideas. Professionally my main focus is creating corporate brand identities, from minimum basics, which is logo design to developing a comprehensive project for all fields of use. Every time it’s vastly inspiring experience, which brings synthetic project containing all key ideas and values of particular brand. In a form, color and a few letters. That’s what I love to do for everyday life.

I am also a web developer. This is fantastic, interactive medium which brings together visual arts, ergonomics, programming and your business goals. Properly balanced and satisfying combination of all these elements in the highest quality project is a result which I am always focused on.

If you share the same will to take part in creation of great things, search for fresh and brave ideas, believe in a power of simplicity and you are currently in need of changing your company’s image – I would love to hear from you.